On Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019, a pre-holiday meeting of SMTRG was held with the presence of a majority of members at FPGPE meeting room.

At the meeting, Dr. Seyed Abdul latif Hashimifard, Dean of the faculty and head of SMTRG, first welcomed the members of the group on various issues, as well as the upcoming events of the group.

Then Dr. Hashemifard along with Dr. Khosravi from the academic staff of the research group, explained the required skills for writing the dissertation in detail to the students, and advised the group members to consider the summer opportunity as a boon. Also the topic of each junior student was determined, for further research.


In the following Dr. Hashemifard informed the members about opening the official website of the group, which made them happy, and each member of the group was volunteer to take part an activity in the web-team. At the end, the members of the group discussed the various issues and future plans of the membrane research group.