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Sustainable Membrane Technology Research Group

Our research combine organic and inorganic chemistries, nanotechnology and chemical engineering to uncover how structure and surface phenomena of the fabricated membrane are involved under various underlying principal mechanisms toward final separation properties.

Various characterizations tests such as: SEM, TGA, DSC, XRD, EDX, Contact angle, along with performance tests are performed to correlate the fabrication processes and the resultant membrane performance.

Our focus is made on both environmental issues and industrial problems and the topics covered by the research group include, but are not restricted to: industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, water desalination, heavy metal removal,  gas separation, natural gas or air dehydration.

Therefore, to achieve these targets the following membrane separation techniques are implemented: RO, FO, MD, UF , MC, MBR, ED, RED, GS.

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Pejman Rezania Presentation Announcement

  Pejman Rezania  Presentation Announcement FOR Educational Achievement (Hydrodynamic optimization of membrane bioreactors using baffles with different geometries By computational fluid dynamics) Time: 18th July 2020 Link:

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Our contribution in book recently published by Elsevier, entitled: "Synthetic Polymeric Membranes for Advanced Water Treatment, Gas Separation, and Energy Sustainability". We cooperated in Chapter 11 Entitled: "Synthetic polymeric membranes for gas and vapor...



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ceremony of Unveiling water hardness reducing device On 11 th Dec. 2020, during a ceremony attended by the CEO of Bushehr Water and Sewerage Company, the water hardness reduction device was unveiled at the Faculty of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Persian Gulf...



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