Pejman Rezania Presentation Announcement

  Pejman Rezania  Presentation Announcement FOR Educational Achievement (Hydrodynamic optimization of membrane bioreactors using baffles with different geometries By computational fluid dynamics) Time: 18th July 2020 Link:

Masoumeh Shiri Presentation Announcement

Masoumeh Shiri  Presentation Announcement FOR Educational Achievement (Shrimp Waste water treatment with MBR) Time: 11th July2020 Link:

Aniseh Abdoli Presentation Announcement

  Aniseh Abdoli  Presentation Announcement  FOR Educational Achievement (MEMBRANE DISTILATION) Time: 29th June 2020 Link:  

Alireza Valagohar Presentation Announcement

Alireza Valagohar Presentation Announcement  FOR M.SC. PROPOSAL IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ( Sutdy of gas dehydration of pebax1657/GO and Silica NPs/PC Thin Film Nano Composite Membranes) Time: Sat. 18th June 2020 Link:

Mitra KHalifeh M.SC. PROPOSAL Announcement

Mitra KHalifeh Announcement FOR M.SC. PROPOSAL IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (Fabrication of Pebax2533 polymer mixed matrix membrane filled with POSS nanoparticle to separate carbon dioxide from natural gas) Time: Sat. 13th June 2020 Link:

Aniseh Abdoli Ph.D. SEMINAR Announcement

Aniseh Abdoli Seminar Announcement FOR Ph.D. IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (DCMD modelling and experimental study using PTFE membrane ) Time:12:00 A.M Sat. 6th June 2020 Link:

Farideh Abdollahi Presentation Announcement

Farideh Abdollahi Presentation Announcement FOR Article From M.SC. THESIS ” Optimization of a membrane-based air conditioning system based on Taguchi and GRG methods” Time:11:00 A.M Sat. 6th June 2020. Link: