1-  Bushehr Water and Wastewater Company: “Design and manufacture of new types of desalination plants based on the electrolysis process” (22nd September 2016).

2- Bushehr Water and Wastewater Company: “Construction of a pilot system for reducing the hardness of drinking water” (21st April 2019).

3- Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park: “Study of unconventional water treatment to irrigate green space in the city of Genaveh from a technical and economic point of view” (10th November 2020).

‌4- Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of Persian Gulf University: “Design and construction of membrane air conditioning system” (20th February 2019).

5-  Vice President for Science and Technology: Fund for Support of Researchers and Technologists of the country ” Development and fabrication of thin film composite and nanocomposite hollow fiber membrane for forward osmosis process” (23rd  October 2019).

6-  Vice President for Science and Technology: Water, Drought, Erosion and Environment Technologies Development Headquarters ” Zero liquid discharge process for the production of fresh water from brackish waters for Greenhouses.  (finalizing and in progress).

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