The project entitled “Feasibility and conceptual studies to eliminate bottlenecks in the industrial wastewater treatment system of Nowruz oilfield” was submitted to SMTRG for 6 months as a package of the Nowruz oilfield megaproject from early April 2021 for 6 months. In this project, Dr. M. Abbasi, A. Khosravi and S. A. Hashemifard along with their students worked on this project tirelessly and continuously. The purpose of diagnostics was to find the challenges and shortcomings of the oilfield water treatment process and finally to provide possible scenarios to overcome the existing bottlenecks in the produced water treatment system. Environmental requirements on the one hand and the possibility of reusing this water on the other hand led to the definition of this project. The team seriously put the issue on its agenda until the final work report was presented on late October this year at the Central Offshore Oil Headquarters of the National Iranian Oil Company after several step-by-step reports. In this report, three scenarios were presented, each consisting of several measures to solve the problems and challenges. Fortunately, the final report was approved by the authorities.