Pejman Rezania Presentation Announcement

  Pejman Rezania  Presentation Announcement FOR Educational Achievement (Hydrodynamic optimization of membrane bioreactors using baffles with different geometries By computational fluid dynamics) Time: 18th July 2020 Link:

Masoumeh Shiri Presentation Announcement

Masoumeh Shiri  Presentation Announcement FOR Educational Achievement (Shrimp Waste water treatment with MBR) Time: 11th July2020 Link:

Aniseh Abdoli Presentation Announcement

  Aniseh Abdoli  Presentation Announcement  FOR Educational Achievement (MEMBRANE DISTILATION) Time: 29th June 2020 Link:  

Alireza Valagohar Presentation Announcement

Alireza Valagohar Presentation Announcement  FOR M.SC. PROPOSAL IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ( Sutdy of gas dehydration of pebax1657/GO and Silica NPs/PC Thin Film Nano Composite Membranes) Time: Sat. 18th June 2020 Link: