On October 1, 2020, a joint webinar of the Persian Gulf University and Bushehr Province Water and Sewerage was held on the topic of new technologies in seawater desalination.


In this webinar, first of all, Engineer Abdolhamid Hamzehpour, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Bushehr Water and Sewerage Company, presented a report on the latest status of water desalination plants in Bushehr province and upcoming programs. Then he stated that 80% of drinking water resources in Bushehr province are supplied from neighboring provinces and this is while most cities of Bushehr province are coastal and about 700 km of coasts of Bushehr province are next to the Persian Gulf, so there is an urgent need to provide drinking water in the province from the sea water resources. Finally, he reported on the joint programs implemented with the Persian Gulf University.


Then Dr. Seyed Abdollatif Hashemifard, Head of the Faculty of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering (FPGPE) as well as the head of the Sustainable Membrane Technology Research Group (SMTRG)of the Persian Gulf University (PGU) presented a speech on the situation of water resources in the world and Iran, common membrane processes in desalination, membrane distillation process, introduction of semi-industrial distillation pilots , Membrane distillation membranes, etc. with the focus on membrane distillation technology for fresh water production. Finally, they stated the advantages of membrane distillation processes compared to common processes in the world.


Then, Dr. Mohsen Abbasi, a professor at Persian Gulf University and members of Sustainable Membrane Technology Research Group (SMTRG), explained the production of silicon carbide membranes for seawater pretreatment as a pretreatment step for RO plants, which was first produced in the country in collaboration with the Persian Gulf University and the Bushehr Water and Sewerage Company.