On Wednesday, April 24th, 2019, with the presence of Dr. Abdolreza Bagheri, Deputy Research and Technology of the Minister of Science, Research and Technology, the first membrane research laboratory of southern Iran at the Faculty of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering (FPGPE) of the Persian Gulf University (PGU) was utilized.


Head of FPGPE, said on the sidelines of the ceremony: The equipment of this laboratory includes microfiltration, ultrafiltration, ceramic membrane nan-filtration testing, electrodialysis device and reverse electrodialysis, membrane distillation apparatus and membrane biological reactor system.


He stated: The humidification apparatus and dehumidifiers from gas, reverse osmosis unit, Forward osmosis unit, hollow fiber membrane spinning apparatus, ceramic tube membrane manufacturing machine, gas permeation rig, membrane pore size distribution rig, and contact angle machine are another feature of this laboratory.


The head of the Sustainable Membrane Technology Research Group (SMTRG) also said that all the setups of this lab equipped with the guidance of professors and students of SMTRG have been created.


Dr. Hashemifard reminded : The target community and users of this laboratory are: regional water organizations, water and sanitation, oil, gas and petrochemical industries and municipalities to provide solutions, process proposals, supply of water purification systems and industrial wastewater systems.